Halle Amor Moore

author / speaker / activist


"...Unlock the great power within you and not only will your heart be set free ​But your mind will too"

-Halle Amor Moore

About Halle Amor Moore


Halle Amor Moore’s writing simply pours off the page and soaks you in what feels like the observations of a much older soul.

Jonathan A. Hunn Broadnax

These poems/writings will captivate you. Get your tea or lemonade, take a seat, and journey inside the mind of a young critical thinker!

KP Rodgers

It’s amazing how thoughtful and articulate Ms. Moore is at such a young age! Can’t wait for her next work!


It feels as if we are experiencing the musings of a young person living through and experiencing the Harlem Renaissance. Such self-awareness. So much foresight about a future yet to be realized.

Jonathan A. Hunn Broadnax

Another literary giant has arisen on the scene ! Go and leave your impact upon this world , we are starving for inspiration!

Walter Gibbs, Sr.

I feel like this will be one of a great many of books to come and eventually be kept in her presidential library some day in the future. And what a bright day in the future that will be for America. Halle, with these words, you already have my vote.

Jonathan A. Hunn Broadnax

From her thoughts on love, fear, sadness, death, feminism, education, politics, and spirituality Halle leaves her audience stunned by her profound and powerful poetry. This young lady is something special.

Jonathan A. Hunn Broadnax

Reading this book reminded me of what it's like to be young and insightful. Halle writes about topics most her age do not understand but she does. Her voice is so eloquent and each poem so confident and well written. It's my pleasure to encourage everyone to read this book. Halle is a young celebrity in the making!

Cioré Taylor

Great book that inspired me and my grandchildren.

Carthisa Jeffery

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